MN Women's Care Provider Profile
Andrea Brockberg,
Certified Nurse Practitioner
IFM Certified Practitioner

Andrea is a certified nurse practitioner - CNP - who has specialized in women's health (WHNP). She grew up in Maine and has been in Minnesota for nearly 20 years. She is very well known to many women in the area through her previous work at Aspen. She is a highly-regarded nurse practitioner and has been working closely with Dr. Ashford for many years.

As Andrea's patients know, she always takes the time to listen to their concerns and find solutions. When she discovered how closely the Functional Medicine approach aligned with her approach, she went back to school for more education and to get certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. We're so pleased with her decision and the contribution she's making to women's health.

With Functional Medicine, Andrea now has the testing and tools to track symptoms back to a cause and to provide an incredible range of treatment options. For women suffering from chronic, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed conditions, this is definitely an answer.