Audrey-Kopp-cnm-mnwc-2.jpgMN Women's Care Provider Profile
Audrey Kopp,
Certified Nurse Midwife

Audrey's background as a nurse and certified nurse-midwife has been completely focused on women's healthcare. Her first-rate education and real-world experience have provided the background that's perfect for Minnesota Women's Care and our patients.

Audrey earned her degree as a Doctor of Nursing Practice Nurse-Midwifery from the U of M while serving as the Labor and Delivery Charge Nurse in the Hennepin Healthcare network. Throughout her time as a student, both in the doctoral program and as a nursing student at Johns Hopkins University, she was actively involved in research, guest lecturing, and activities that would expand her knowledge and skills. 

About her philosophy of care, Audrey says:

"I have a strong desire to provide individualized care to all the women I see. For me, that means working hard to create the kind of relationship with my patients where they can feel safe to verbalize the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Every woman I care for is strong and powerful in their own way. I strive to provide care that centers on maximizing those strengths, creating a trusting bond, and supporting women through each stage of their life as their needs and desires evolve. 

It is such an honor for me to help a woman and her family welcome a new life into the world. Each time I have this experience, my commitment to women's healthcare is reaffirmed.

I strive to continually further my education and understanding of current best practice standards and professional recommendations."

Activites and Hobbies

Audrey and her husband are avid road and mountain bikers. In her spare time, she says they "remodel their home, play with their two cattle dogs, and wrangle chickens." She's a gardener, cook, and baker and she relaxes with a great cup of coffee and a good book.