MN Women's Care Provider Profile
Dr. Amy Kelly

Dr. Amy Kelly - Minnesota Women's Care OBGYN

Through Dr. Kelly's previous work at Metro OBGYN, she became familiar to many women in the Twin Cities. Her distinctive style of individualized care fits perfectly with the Minnesota Women's Care approach and our patients. We're delighted to have her in our practice.

Dr. Kelly has earned the distinction of being a "Top Doctor" in the annual Mpls/St. Paul Magazine "Top Doctors" issue for ten years running. She is regularly recognized in Minnesota Monthly as a “Best Doctor for Women.”

Appointments for Dr. Kelly are available at our Woodbury location. Welcome, Dr. Kelly!


Dr. Kelly has earned the distinction of being a Board-Certified Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon. To earn this, she had to demonstrate her expertise to the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her extensive experience includes laparoscopic, minimally invasive and robotic surgical treatment of gynecologic disorders – the areas of treatment for which Minnesota Women's Care is known. In addition, she has advanced experience with the treatment of uterine fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, urinary incontinence, and pelvic floor disorders.

Minnesota Women's Care takes pride in staying at the forefront of medical care for women and Dr. Kelly shares that commitment. She frequently attends seminars and training sessions to gain knowledge of the newest surgical techniques and treatments. Her subspecialty designation as a Board-Certified Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon is proof of her commitment to and skill with the most advanced surgical procedures.

Dr. Kelly's View of Patient Care

Dr. Kelly shares our mission to provide personalized care to every patient – a perspective that has always been a fundamental part of her work as a physician. She says,

"I am excited to be a part of Minnesota Women's Care. I value being an integral part in your health care plan.

There is no single answer that works for everyone. I work closely with each individual patient to help them understand their options so they can make informed decisions about their medical issues and treatment choices.

As a physician, I have the benefit of helping women while incorporating science, technology and education. The relationships that develop through this and the empowerment of women are very rewarding."
Amy E. Kelly, MD, FACOG


Undergraduate Degree: University of Iowa, Iowa City IA, 1992, Exercise Physiology

Masters Degree: Northwestern University, Evanston IL, 1995, Neuroscience

Medical School: Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha NE, 1999

Residency: Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha NE, 2003

Credentials & Affiliatations

Dr. Kelly is board certified as a Fellow in the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (FACOG). She is a member of the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) and the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG).

Activities and Family

In her free time, Dr. Kelly is a runner and triathlete, and enjoys staying active with her husband and their four boys.

What our patients say about Dr. Kelly:

  • Dr. Kelley is very professional and caring! She listens to patients health concerns and is very honest and competent. I would highly recommend her as your respective Dr. 5 stars!!!
    – P.K. - Patient
  • Appreciate her genuine kindness and professionalism. She is the BEST!!
    – M.S.D - Patient
  • Love Dr Kelly. I have gone to her for 19 years. I love her energy empathy and enthusiasm
    – T.H. - Patient
  • Amy Kelly is a fantastic doc. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and try different things and gave me great advice. I've been her patient over 20 years and have complete faith in her abilities.
    – L.S. - Patient
  • Dr. Kelley is knowledgeable and truly caring. When she meets with you she gives you 100% of her attention and is completely focused on you and your needs. Her manner is gentle but firm. Her explanations are clear and not the least bit condescending. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
    – D.V. - Patient
  • I always feel listened to and that I'm in wonderful hands. Dr. Kelley always listens and takes her time!
    – L.F. - Patient
  • Dr Kelly was straightforward and blunt about my complications which honestly after listening to the bull$!$! from the other competing clinic was refreshing. She listened and showed me the human side of doctors. Even though she couldn't resolve my issues she immediately referred me to the Mayo Clinic. Thank you Dr Kelly.
    – E.S. - Patient
  • Dr. Kelly is one of the best ob/gyns I have ever worked with! Her knowledge is amazing and her personality is even better! Dr. Kelly gives great suggestions for dealing with any questions or concerns that I have, and she knows the latest medical treatments. I trusted her completely with my prenatal care and the delivery of my twins 7 years ago. Now I continue to see her yearly because she is so personable and takes great care of me.
    – Anon - Patient
  • Dr. Kelly is our "all in the family" physician and my daughters and I have been her patients for many years. Both in my own care and during the deliveries of my grandchildren, she has been encouraging, supportive, and exceptionally skilled. I continue to have the highest level of confidence in her care.
    – C.H. - Patient
  • I absolutely adore Dr. Kelly. In fact, I followed her from her old practice because I have so much trust in her. And she is just a joy to be around!
    – E.M. - Patient
  • Dr Kelly is always ready to connect with me. Dr Kelly takes the time to make sure all of my questions are answered and needs are met.
    – E.H. - Patient
  • What's not to love about Doctor Kelly, she listens to any concerns you may have and leaves you feeling so confident & calm. She wants to hear about your family and see how you are doing as an individual. She has been my OB for all of my kids and has guided my husband and I on this journey so smoothly. She gives great explanations for each decision she wants to make to help guide you on this journey which has always given me such trust in her to not doubt her choices.
    – M.K. - Patient
  • Dr. Kelly is wonderful! She is very competent, compassionate, and skilled in caring for patients with complex medical situations!
    – A.O. - Patient
  • I really appreciate Dr. Kelly's expertise and honestly. I've known her for 10 years, through 4 children and now working through the changes of turning 40! She has always been so down to earth and real. She's not just interested in my medical health but my overall well being. She remembers the little things even from years before. She's just amazing!
    – J.B. - Patient
  • Dr. Kelly is such a caring doctor. She adds humor to every situation. She is a doctor that sits down at your level and talks to you. She makes it clear that she has the time and doesn't make her time with you feel rushed. She is a great listener. She made my c-section exciting and 'fun,' (where sometimes it might otherwise be stressful and not the plan you had been planning on). I would highly recommend her to anyone. I am so thankful that she was able to deliver my baby girl. We will never forget Dr. Kelly, because she truly makes a difference.
    – N.H. - Patient
  • Dr.Kelly got me through two very difficult pregnancies. I had complications that were scary and painful for me, but she made them so much easier to go through it. She spoke very clearly to me, made sure I understood everything and that I was well taken care of. She listened to my concerns and helped me find the right answer for me. There was a time that I had to be seen right away and even though she wasn't in the office that day, she came right in. I have never had a doctor more reliable. I don't know how I would have done it without her.
    – A.R. - Patient
  • My wife and I recently welcomed our first child into the world and had such a great experience thanks to Minnesota Women's Care. We had the opportunity to see 3 different and great midwifes and doctors throughout our 37 week adventure. These 3 women made our experience throughout the pregnancy fantastic, while answering all our questions and making sure we were prepared (as prepared as you can be for your first!).
    – J.D. - Patient
  • So much to say about this guy, but a huge thank you to him is needed! He is wonderful! After being in pain for over a year and assuming it was b/c of having children and getting older - he put me through some tests and found all of my issues. Now I am feeling great and loving life again! Besides Dr. Kelly - He is the BEST! I have recommended him to many of my girlfriends who are having issues and so excited for their appts with him. Thank you Dr. Ashford!
    – R.K. - Patient
  • Dr. Amy Kelly has been our OB-GYN for the past 8 years and my husband and I cannot say enough good things about her. She is a highly skilled and competent practitioner and surgeon. We have recommended her countless times to friends and family, whether it be for OB services or to have surgery, and never once has she disappointed. Whether it is a highly complex surgical procedure or the attentive care needed during pregnancy, Dr. Kelly exceeds expectations in all that she does.
    – S.D. - Patient
  • Dr Amy Kelly is by far my heaven sent angel finally a dr who ACTUALLY listened to me! Finally a dr who cares! I can't thank her enough for being the BEST dr I've met in my life! she treats you like a person not just a patient there's NO DOUBT about it I'd recommend her to anyone!
    – C.C. - Patient