MN Women's Care Provider Profile


Dr. Maria Vu

Dr. Vu is an experienced Family Medicine physician with extensive experience providing a full spectrum of care. This includes prenatal care, delivery, postnatal care for mothers and infants, pediatic care for children from birth to age 18, and care for chronic illnesses.

In her nearly two decades of experience as a physician, Dr. Vu has served in a number of leadership roles. This included serving as a preceptor for Family Medicine residents, representing her practice at hospital councils, and more. During college and medical school, she was recognized for her accomplishments in BioChemistry, academics, and leadership positions.  

In Her Own Words

"I really try to do my best to educate my patients on their medical condition and to make sure they understand it along with their options for treatment. I like to use pictures, diagrams, and images so they can better understand their anatomy/diagnosis.

I feel it is important to understand patients through their cultural beliefs and how to incorporate that in a respectful manner. I prefer a holistic approach to patient care and am open to a more natural approach to care."

Rave Reviews  

In practice, Dr. Vu receives rave reviews from everyone. She was recognized as a Blooma Provider of Distinction in both 2014 and 2015, and as a Minnesota Monthly Best Doctor in 2016.

Dr. Vu's patients know her best. Here is what some of them have said publicly about her care:

"Dr Maria Vu is the best doctor. She is so knowledgeable, has a great calm demeanor. I saw her through my pregnancy and continue to bring my son to see her for checkups and she helps make him comfortable. Hands down best doctor I can’t say enough."

"The kindest, most compassionate doctor you will ever find." 

"The best doctor I ever encountered. She’s so smart and caring. Goes above and beyond."


Family Medicine Residency
Bethesda Family Medicine

Medical School
University of Wisconsin - Madison 

Undergraduate Education
Bachelor of Science in BioChemistry
University of Wisconsin - Madison 


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