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Dr. Sharon Kshettry

Dr. Sharon Kshettry

Throughout Dr. Kshettry's long history of providing OBGYN care to women in the Twin Cities, she has been known as a physician who really attended to the needs of her patients. When she began thinking about spending more time with her family, she began looking for another practice that would attend to her patients’ needs with the kind of personalized care that’s been a fundamental part of her work as a physician. She was determined to stay on until she found a practice where her patients would be in capable hands. That practice is Minnesota Women's Care.

Dr. Melvin Ashford and Dr. Kshettry have known each other for many years. Dr. Kshettry has said that Dr. Ashford "is the kind of doctor I would recommend to my friends and family. With his experience and skill as a surgeon, plus his double board-certification in OBGYN and Urogynecology, I know he has transformed women's lives with his training knowledge, and skills."

Minnesota Women's Care is pleased to have Dr. Kshettry on our team as an advisor and resource. She has a wealth of knowledge about women's health and we're honored she's in a position to share that with us. In addition, Dr. Kshettry's patients now have access to a more robust menu of options for their care – options that include urogynecology diagnosis and treatment, well-woman care, hormone pellet therapy, in-house 3D Mammography, and insurance processing.

We extend a warm welcome to Dr. Kshettry and her patients. We're grateful for the opportunity to collaborate.

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