What is Femilift?

Femilift is a laser-assisted procedure designed to improve vaginal irregularities through resurfacing. It tightens the vagina and treats stress urinary incontinence.

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Why do women request Femilift?

FemiLift offers a non-invasive solution for cases of vaginal skin resurfacing without surgery, anesthesia or down time. Patients report almost immediate return to activity, including sexual intercourse, as well as quality of life and enhanced self esteem.

Women consider vaginal resurfacing for many reasons, but these are most often cited:

  • Vaginal issues caused by childbirth
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Involuntary leakage of urine
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Symptoms of menopause
  • Other hormonal issues

What you can expect with Femilift?

  • Immediate results with no recovery or downtime
  • Virtually painless minimally invasive treatment
  • Improved body image and self-confidence
  • Reduced risk of post-treatment side effects

About the Femilift procedure:

  • Non-invasive, virtually painless procedure
  • Gentle treatment for controlled safety & accuracy
  • Maximum precision with Alma C02 laser the right wavelength and perfect pulse
  • Fast and efficient delivery of fractionated laser energy split into micropixels
  • No patient downtime
  • Excellent patient satisfaction record and long-term success

How Femilift works: A Breakthrough Procedure for Vaginal Tightening

Throughout the aging process our facial skin loses its vitality, wrinkles appear, and elasticity is reduced due to collagen fibers fatigue. This is why so many women around the world, take cosmetic steps such as facials, innovative creams, and aesthetic procedures to ensure their face looks as young as possible.

The same process occurs in the vaginal tissue area where collagen fibers lose their elasticity while we age, and give birth.

Due to structural changes in the vagina and urethra area and the loss of collagen fibers’ firmness, this phenomenon can cause reduction in sexual fulfillment in addition to stress urinary incontinence at different severity levels.

The new Femilift CO2 laser, made specifically for the vagina, corrects this change by remodeling the collagen and causing contraction of the tissues as well as later more production of collagen. This all results in healthier vaginal tissue as well as tightening of the vagina. The same therapy around the collagen tissue surrounding the bladder and urethra can help decreases urinary leakage.

What our patients say:

A huge thank you to Dr. Ashford for the last surgery to remove scar tissue that was messing things up and causing me pain everyday. I am now back to myself - feeling great & active - and no pain!!
E.A. - Minnesota

Information about Atrophic Vaginitis: Dry and Painful Intercourse

One of the most common complaints from women involves dry and painful intercourse. It is a common problem in postmenopausal women but can also impact women in other times of their life and for many different reasons.

Femilift is one of the solutions we can offer to women who suffer from dry and painful intercourse. Read more about Atrophic Vaginitis here and what can be done.

Common questions about Femilift

Can I have it if I have a coil already fitted?

Does it hurt during or after?
No. Treatment is pain free. It is more comfortable than having a smear test.

How long after treatment can I have intercourse?
You will be asked to abstain from penetrative intercourse for 5 days.

Will I bleed?

What type of equipment is used?
The equipment that comes into contact with patients inside and outside the vagina is a single-use sterile disposable that prevent transmission of infections. The energy that is used to bring about the desired tightening effect or correct urinary incontinence is in the form of a specialised laser that induces new collagen to form in the underlying vaginal tissues. Treatment outcome is complete vaginal remodeling and tightening of the vagina walls with enhanced elasticity. The same kind of laser has been used for many years on the face for rejuvenation and smoothing of wrinkles.

I want a baby in a couple of years, should I wait?
FemiLift is effective for two years. If you are planning pregnancy within two years or less, we suggest that you wait until after the birth.

Can I get an infection from this treatment?
Single-use disposables prevent any risk of infection transmission.

If I have vaginal thrush, will this treatment make it worse?
No, it will not make it worse, but if you are prone to getting a thrush then it would be a good idea to obtain from over-the-counter treatments such as Canesten about 2 to 3 days prior to your planned laser treatment.

Can I have if I am on my period?
It is advisable not to have it during your period as the blood may interfere with the penetration of the laser into the vaginal skin and make it less effective.

Can it irritate my cystitis?
This treatment has not been associated with any worsening of cystitis type symptoms such as increased urination frequency or burning sensation when passing urine.

I suffer from pelvic endometriosis. Can I still have this treatment?
In most cases yes. If you suffer from intense deep pelvic pain during intercourse then Dr. Ashford may advise against it.

I am on antibiotics can I still have treatment?

I am having laser hair removal on my bikini line is it ok to have Femilift after?

I think I might have a STD, can I have Femilift?
It is better to have this checked out and treated before you have Femilift.

How far does the laser go?
The laser probe is inserted full length into the vagina up to the cervix about 6-8 cm deep. The laser light beam travels about 05 mm (usually about 200 micron) into the vaginal skin not very deep but deep enough to reach the level of the skin where the new collagen is formed.

Can anything go wrong?
Co2 lasers have been used for the past 30 years and have shown to be safe and effective for many applications including Gynecology. A similar laser technique has been used on the face for rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles. It is mandatory that equipment be used by a trained physician. As with any medical intervention, if used by untrained individuals then it could lead to excess scarring or difficulty in passing urine.

Can you exercise straight after?
Most exercises can be continued but strenuous exercises should be avoided for 3 days.

How many treatments do I need for maximum results – and what is the ideal gap between them?
We think that about 90% will have a good response to 2-3 treatments. Treatment effectiveness is 24 months or more.

Can you have a hot shower or bath or use the sauna after the treatment?

How long does the treatment last and what will happen to the area after this time?
We estimate the effectiveness of the treatment to be 24 months or more. When treatment wears off it the vaginal area will be go back to how it was originally prior to treatment. The treatment can be repeated several times without any problem

Will any form of contraception interfere - like pills or implant?

Will this treatment help or prevent prolapse?
It may help with mild prolapse but is unlikely to prevent prolapse long-term.

Can I have this treatment if I had a hysterectomy?

Can I have this treatment if I had previous vaginal repair surgery for prolapse?
In most instances yes. If there was any mesh used to repair the prolapsed, we may choose to advise against it.

I suffer from vaginal dryness. Will this treatment make it worse?
No. If anything it may help to improve lubrication. Recent studies showed improvement in the dryness caused by menopause symptoms.

How long after giving birth can I undergo treatment?
After a vaginal birth, it would be advisable to wait 3 months to ensure that any scars from tears or episiotomy have had a chance to heal and the vaginal tone has recovered naturally.

Can I have the treatment while breast feeding?

Are there any special instructions for after treatment?
Only one. Avoid penetrative intercourse for 5 days.

Can it hurt my clitoris?
No, the clitoral nerves are safe and far from the treated area.