Individualized, Unique, and Focused Primary Care 

Many women have both a Family Practice doctor for their own needs and the healthcare of their families. In addition, they also have an OBGYN for female medicine, pregnancy care, and more. We are now making that easier than ever. Please welcome our newest physicians!

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A Warm Welcome to Dr. Maria Vu, Dr. Christina Werman, Dr. Kristin Lockhart & Dr. Jihan Abbott to Minnesota Women's Care. 

NEW! Minnesota Women’s Care is pleased to provide individualized, unique and focused primary care for women by women. We have worked hard to build the best specialized care for women in the Twin Cities. Adding primary care for women to our practice has been carefully designed for women of all ages. We want to help our patients meet their health goals and get more out of life. With female focused, genuine relationships, whole person approach and desire to help each woman meet their own unique goals, we are offering all that you’d expect from primary care:

  • Pregnancy Care: Prenatal Care and Delivery
  • Postnatal Care: Mothers and Infants, Lactation Support
  • Pediatric Medicine:  For all children (including boys) to age 18
  • Management of Chronic Illnesses ( Hypertension, Heart Disease, Rheumatoid conditions, and more)
  • Diabetes Management
  • Osteoporosis
  • Thyroid Management
  • Wellwoman Care and Routine Annual Exams
  • Plus all other care typically provided by primary care physicans – all with a focus on the total health of women and their families.

Meet Our New Physicians

maria-vu-md-mnwcare.jpgDr. Maria Vu

Dr. Vu is an experienced Family Practice physician with extensive experience providing a full spectrum of care. This includes prenatal care, delivery, postnatal care for mothers and infants, pediatic care for children from birth to age 18, and care for chronic illnesses.

In her nearly two decades of experience as a physician, Dr. Vu has served in a number of leadership roles. This included serving as a preceptor for Family Practice residents, representing her practice at hospital councils, and more. 



Christina-Werman-do-mnwcare.jpgDr. Christina Werman

Dr. Werman is a family medicine physician with training and experience in obstetrics. Since she has been in practice, she has established herself as a caring and personable physician with a devoted following.Dr. Werman has earned the highest certification from the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners and is recognized as an IBCLC. To earn this distinction, she has completed their rigorous training, education, and experience requirements. She can be most helpful to women who are preparing to breastfeed and those who might be experiencing problems with breastfeeding a newborn infant.



Kristin-Lockhart-MD-mnwcare.jpgDr. Kristin Lockhart

In the nearly two decades since Dr. Lockhart has been a physician, she has earned a reputation as a "kind, patient, and responsive" healthcare provider. She is a Family Medicine physician with obstetrics training and experience.

As a family doctor, Dr. Lockhart offers a full spectrum of medical care for women and their families. She is available for prenatal care and delivery, postnatal care for moms and infants, pediatric care for children from birth to age 18, plus diagnostics and management of chronic illnesses and conditions. She focuses on partnering with her patients to create a healthcare plan that honors each individual's wellness goals. As a busy mom herself she understands the needs of other busy women. She understands the importance of food, sleep, community, and mental wellbeing as important factors in overall health.



Jihan-Abbott-DO-mnwcare.jpgDr. Jihan Abbott

Rising-Star-top-doctors.jpgFor more than a decade, Dr. Abbott has been providing a full spectrum of family medicine to patients in the Twin Cities. 

As a physician on staff at a busy hospital in the St. Paul suburbs, Dr. Abbott provided care to people throughout the hospital including women during delivery, newborn care, emergency medicine, inpatient concerns, and more. Dr. Abbott's experience and approach is a perfect fit for Minnesota Women's Care. 

Dr. Abbott is available to provide a full range of care to women and their families. This includes: Prenatal Care and Delivery, Postnatal Care for Mothers and Infants, Pediatric Medicine for all children (including boys) to age 18, Management of Chronic Illnesses ( Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Rheumatoid conditions, and more), Wellwoman Care, plus full spectrum family medicine and procedures. 



We Welcome New Patients.

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