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Relax. Get PAMPERED. Take a Nap.
PamperSuite: A New Spa Just for Pregnant Moms

Soothing & Safe Spa Services Just For Moms-To-Be.

Expectant moms sometimes experience a whole range of changes that can be uncomfortable. To address these concerns, we have developed a variety of spa services that are safe for pregnant women. For instance, we have facials developed for specific skin conditions that can sometimes occur during pregnancy. Our prenatal massage is designed to reduce anxiety and relieve muscle aches and pains. And for those days when you need a rest, we have a nap room. In other words, we have the right treatments to safely help you feel beautiful.

Facials and More

Love The Skin You're In

Pregnancy can cause a variety of changes that result in a number of skin concerns – like acne, pigmentation changes, redness, inflamation, and dry skin. Each of these conditions can be treated by our aestheticians using safe procedures and ingredients for pregnancy. We have some great treatment options:

Delicate Mommy: Treats redness and inflammation;  perfect for sensitive skin

Hormonal Mommy: Treats acne prone skin, oily skin, and minimize pores

Ageless Mommy: Helps with plumping and firming – boosts elasticity

Dewy Mommy: Hydrating and soothing – helps to correct uneven skin tone and ...

MamaHydra: Modified HydraFacial Just for Pregnant Women

Just What You Need ... Exactly When You need It

Each trimester during pregnancy can have its own challenges with how you feel and how your body is reacting to all that amazing work it's doing. We have special packages set up for each trimester. For instance:

The 1st Trimester Package
Get a glow going and keep it going with Eminence products. This package includes:

Prenatal Facial
Apricot Body Oil
Stone Crop Cleansing
Soothing Chamomile Tonique
Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment

The 2nd and 3rd Trimester Packages
Each of these fabulous packages is perfect for that growing belly. Enjoy a prenatal massage followed by a much-needed nap. This package includes:

Prenatal Belly Facial
Prenatal Massage
Apricot Body Oil

Nap (25 minutes)
Optional Vajacial


The Labor-Ready Package
These packages are geared for exactly what a woman wants as delivery approaches: relief.

Prenatal Belly Facial
Labor-Ready Massage
Bikini Wax

And Sometimes You Just Need a Nap

You're Doing A LOT of WORK!

Sometimes all a mom-to-be needs is just a little nap. Give yourself the freedom to take naps as you experience moments of low energy while pregnant. Minnesota Women's Care has an elegant nap room if you just need to get away for as little as 25 minutes, or as long as you need. Let us treat you to some relaxing mellow music, a body pillow, and heated beds to induce the sweetest of dreams.


More About the PamperSuite
All Pregnant Moms Are Welcome at PamperSuite!

ALL pregnant women are welcome to utilize the services of the PamperSuite. Our menu of services has all the details about the cost of services and more.

Special ... just for our patients
Patients of Minnesota Women's Care receive a 30% discount on all services while pregnant. In addition, our patients receive a complimentary service between 10-14 weeks and 26-30 weeks.

A Word About Safety: At Minnesota Women’s Care, we know a thing or two about pregnancy. The providers in our award-winning medical practice care for pregnant women every day – every step of the way – through one of life’s most amazing experiences. PamperSuite is an answer to everything we've heard over time about the pregnancy experience and what women want and need. From facials to massages, and sometimes a nap, we've heard you.

Our team of OB providers has approved our treatments and products  – like Eminence – so our everything we do is safe for pregnant and nursing moms.

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